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We hold the Wallowa Lake record Mackinaw at 36 1/2 pounds.

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This was the 2nd Makinaw for this happy fisherman that day. Small Mack caught while Kokanee fishing on light tackle.
Here's a couple of happy Crappie & Bass anglers. Crappie & a trophy Rainbow from the Oxbow Res.
A couple of trophy lakers from Wallowa Lake. 2 out of 68 Crappie caught by these 2 fisherman that day.
Average Lake Trout out of Wallowa Lake. World class trophy 5 pound Kokanee from Wallowa Lake.
Nice day and a nice Mack on Wallowa Lake. Another average Lake Trout on Wallowa Lake.
Trophy Laker from Wallowa Lake.


Here's a group of happy Kokanee fisherman on Wallowa Lake.
Now here is a trophy 22 inch Wallowa Lake Kokanee.
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